November 23, 2017

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Car Transfers – Change of Ownership of vehicles in Mallorca, Spain

Transfers undertaken for many English vehicles to Spanish plates. Transfers from one owner to another for vehicles on Spanish plates. Change of ownership.

We can change over your paperwork for you if you sell your car. Please email us for this service.

Vehicle Check / Datos de Vehiculos

Buying a second hand vehicle in Spain can be confusing and complicated in Spain.

We would advise anyone who has, or is about to purchase a Spanish registered vehicle to make the check as soon as they have the correct registration.

The check will provide the following information:

  • The ITV (MOT) pass and expiry dates
  • Number of ownership changes
  • Any accidents
  • Current ownership details including name and address
  • Full vehicle details
  • Current status of vehicle with the DGT
  • Debt and finance information ( If finance is registered then you cannot change the ownership until debt is re-paid to the finance company )

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