November 23, 2017

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A few recent changes regarding the laws on driving in Spain.

The fine for driv­ing un­der the in­flu­ence of al­co­hol or drugs has now in­creased to 1000€ when the of­fender is at double the limit or if it is a re­cur­ring of­fence.

Chil­dren un­der 135 cm tall must not use the front seat of a vehicle un­less all the back seats are taken up by chil­dren also un­der this height or the vehicle does not have any back seats. Taxi drivers will also have to ad­here to this rule, but it will be the par­ents, not the taxi driver that will be fined up to 200€

There is a crack down on vehicles with for­eign li­cence plates that are be­ing used in Spain by res­id­ents, or own­ers of com­mer­cial vehicles. Within 90 days of the vehicle be­ing brought to Spain it should be changed to Spanish plates. Fail­ure to do this could res­ult in fines and even con­fis­ca­tion of your vehicle . Please con­tact us if you need assistance on how to make your vehicle legal.

It is an offence to drive in Flip Flops, or shoes without a back.

Also, it is an offence to drive wearing no shirt / clothing

Cyclists / Pushbikes

Cyc­lists un­der 16 years of age much al­ways use a hel­met in urban areas. The fine goes up to 200€ to par­ents whose chil­dren do not ad­here to this.

When over­tak­ing cyc­lists, drivers must go over into the next lane com­pletely, i.e. not halfway across the line.

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